Our Company

5D Foods

5D Foods is a company based in Kansas City.

5D Foods is a women-owned conscious enterprise.

Founded by women who have a heart for animals, the environment, and making irresistibly delicious vegan desserts. 

Our Mission

5D foods is a catalyst for change. Our mission is to inspire, empower and transform lives by ushering in a conscious business paradigm.  We create plant-based indulgent desserts that support and honor Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

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Our Core Values

We are passionate about feeding the world unbelievably delicious desserts; we are committed to elevating our collective consciousness at the same time. Using a heart-centered approach, we are choosing to do business with integrity, transparency, and innovation. 


Our products are lovingly packaged in 100% compostable packaging. We are serious about taking aligned action steps toward reversing global plastic pollution.

Holistic Employment

Providing holistic employment through our company culture promises.

Responsible Sourcing

Sustainably and responsibly sourcing our ingredients to ensure that we are honoring the  Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. 

Conscious Business Practices

 We are paving the path by using our 12 conscious business principles to change outdated paradigms that no longer serve the planet.

Company Culture Promises

We believe that people want to be heard, seen and respected.  We believe that once all of our basic human needs are met, only then can we begin to thrive. We provide holistic employment to our employees so that they can be fully supported in their emotional and physical lives in their workplace and beyond. 

Our Vision

Making the world a creamier, dreamier place… one divine spoonful at a time


"Amrita is truly amazing! It is decadent and delightful all by itself or smeared all over fruit, cookies, brownies... whatever you can think of, I can taste the love that is poured into this product throughout every part of its production. Thank you for bringing this product into being for the pleasure of everyone who gets to try it."  -Jessica J.