Indulgence with a Conscience 

What makes Amrita so divine?
We carefully select each ingredient to nourish you the way Mother Nature intended. We are uncompromising in our heart-centered approach to everything we do. Amrita will always embody our highest ideals: vegan, nutrient-dense, sustainable, cruelty-free, gluten-free, lovingly contained in 100% compostable packaging.


Coconut meat is packed with fiber, potassium, naturally occurring electrolytes, and healthy fats. Lauric acid in coconut meat has been found to stimulate metabolism and help burn body fat. Coconut water is known to have the same electrolyte levels as human plasma, and has even been used for plasma transfusions!


Each and every moon cycle, the coconut puts forth a new flower pod that opens and matures into a rack of coconuts. It's produced year-round for up to 100 years! The Hawaiian translation for coconut palm is the "KUMU NUI". Kumu meaning "source" and Nui meaning "great". Literally- "The Great Source". 

Cashews are full of protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants including Vit. E, K, B1, 2, 6, and minerals copper, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, iron, and selenium. Unlike other nuts and seeds, the cashew does not grow within the fruit, but instead on the outside of it, hanging from the base of crab apple, called a "cashew apple".

The USA consumes 90% of the world's cashews! 

"Amrita is so decadent and luscious. It's hard for me not to eat the whole container in one setting and don't ask me to share. It's my favorite dessert!!" -Jessica B.