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165 million tons of plastic has trashed our oceans with almost nine million tons entering the oceans each year. Only about 9% of the plastic gets recycled, much of the rest pollutes our environment or sits in landfills for up to 500 years. While leaching toxic chemicals on Mama Earth. We say "NO THANKS!" Our compostable packaging biodegrades in 3-6 months in a compost pile. Microorganisms break it down into carbon dioxide, water, and inorganic compounds at the same rate as other organic matter materials leaving no toxic residue. This is how we choose to get back in alignment with our divine Mama. 

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"Amrita is coconut dreamy goodness! A guilt-free easy snack that pairs well with fruit or granola. Another thing that brought me back is the women that envisioned this product. It is all-natural yumminess packaged in compostable containers that have your body and the environment in mind." -Cadie E.