Meet Our Team

Photos by Heirloom Photography

Mother / Daughter duo

from Kansas City


Natalie Nelson, Creator of 5D Foods

and Dream Cream

Natalie grew up in the 70’s as a free-range child, where she had the freedom to explore the natural world with wild abandon, this gift left her with a longing for everyone to know this type of freedom & to create a more beautiful World.  She grew up to fulfill that promise by building Little Sprouts Montessori school on an enchanting urban farm. The essence of her life is to bring beauty, delight, vitality and health to everyone she meets, whether it is a nourishing home-cooked meal out of her garden, teaching a child how to read or plant a seed. When she perfected her recipe for Dream Cream, she heard a whisper from the Universe, “Now take this irresistibly delicious dessert and go and make the World an even more beautiful place!"

So she did.

Agnès Aycock, Co-Creator of 5D Foods

and Dream Cream

Agnès grew up in the garden and developed a deep love for food and cooking at a young age. In high school, she studied baking and culinary arts at Broadmoor, a Culinary Arts school. She is currently attending Kansas State University, studying Hospitality Management - Food and Beverage, with minors in Business and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. Agnès spends her time with friends, cooking delicious food, and channeling her passion for the environment and equality into 5D Foods & Dream Cream. 


Our Company

5D Foods

5D Foods is a women-owned conscious enterprise.

Founded by women who have a heart for animals, the environment, and making irresistibly delicious vegan desserts. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, empower and transform lives by ushering in a conscious business paradigm.  We create plant-based indulgent desserts that support and honor Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.


Our Vision

Making the world a creamier, dreamier place… one divine spoonful at a time


"Dream Cream is so decadent and luscious. It's hard for me to not eat the whole container in one sitting. And don't ask me to share. It is my favorite dessert."  -Jess  B.